Thursday, December 5, 2013

Best Fireplace Videos for 2013

Winter is well and truly upon us, which means it is the perfect time to use fireplace videos on your computer monitors and television screens. My selection below are all filmed in high definition and look like they were released in 2013.

I have been using these on my screens recently and just like last year, I will probably continue using them through to spring. Some you can just stream from Youtube but it is worth buying them as you will get the proper file as well as no watermarks on the videos.

If you want a free fireplace video which you don't need to pay for then the video below is ideal. This one lasts 5 hours and it is uploaded to Youtube. So you can just let it play all day.


The above video is good because of the length, but the flames are very "up and down". They start off very aggressive, then die out to barely any flames. If you don't have the ability to loop a video, such as on a media player, then the above is fine.

I have been watching the fireplace videos from much more because they are just 20 minute clips which are very consistent in terms of flames. This means they loop very well and there are no "lulls" in the fire. These aren't free but the quality is great (1080p full HD).

The videos also come with a screensaver which is very handy for computer screens- they start playing when you stop using your PC or laptop. Here are a couple of the ones I have been watching most from that site (all their videos are on Youtube with some having the full 20 minute video there).

This is probably my pick for best fireplace video of 2013. The shot is very clear:

This one is a close up shot which is good for smaller screens (quite stylishly shot).

The black sides on this one make it feel more cosy, nice for late at night. I also use this one as my desktop background on my PC as my icons fit in the black areas. Use VLC player to set a video as your desktop background.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

How About a Nice Aquarium Screensaver

I've not posted for a while because the weather has been great this summer. When it is hot I just don't feel like watching a fireplace video or screensaver. Instead I have been checking out aquariums which really suit the warmer weather.

My favorite aquarium screensaver video is the one below. It is a marine aquarium with actual living corals inside. Looks just like the ocean when I have been diving in Mexico. There are some others on Youtube too but this is a really high quality one. I have been using it as a TV screensaver. Check it out: